Sep 6, 2009

SmokeTip.com, Health and Cheap Electronic Cigarette

We all must have known what it was cigarettes. Cigarettes are paper-sized cylinder of length between 70 to 120 mm (varies depending on the state) with that of tobacco leaves that have been refined. Cigarettes were burned at one end and allowed to burn so that the smoke can be inhaled through the mouth at the other end.

This growing era need to consume cigarettes can not be avoided anymore. As if a part of modern lifestyle. Traditional cigarette has potential a bigger danger. But if you get bored with traditional cigarettes mediocre, you can try to Electronic Cigarette from SmokeTip.com

SmokeTip.com online portal that provides Electronic Cigarette with a variety of advantages compared with similar portals. High Capacity Cartridges, Atomizer Built-In, 2 Long Life Batteries & Charger, Eazy-Drag System, Guaranteed Lowest Prices, Fast Free Shipping, Easy Reordering, Flavor Largest Selection, Money Back Guarantee, etc.

Benefits of SmokeTip Electronic Cigarette is healthier because no tar, no tobacco, no second-hand smoke, etc. Also can be smoked using legal SmokeTip almost anywhere, because it does not contain smoke and did not violate the health laws.

Another plus is that non-flammable environmentally friendly. And the price is certainly more efficient than traditional cigarettes. You will save 60-75% compared. Sample 30 Day Savings: 30 days x 2 packs of cigarettes per day x $ 6 per pack of cigarettes = $ 360. 30 days x 1.5 SmokeTip Cartridges per day x $ 1.90 per cartridge = $ 85.50. So you can $ 274.50 per month savings.

SmokeTip Kit is available now. Include Rechargeable Lithium Batteries 2, 6 Disposable Flavor Cartridges, Wall Adapter, USB Charger, Manual, Gift Box Packaging only $ 59.95 (Lifetime Warranty. So wait especially if you want to continue smoking with healthy, without bothering about, and certainly a price that is much more efficient. visit and then immediately order SmokeTip Kit now.

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@ olip : hennah elekrik kok ms kek nya ga ngefek seperti rokok konvensional pada umumnya. jangan2 rasane juga kek permen xixixi

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@ olip : iya ms, aku gak ngrokok kok
@ seoindonesia : sama mas *toss
@ pencerah : weks gambar rokok bang

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