Sep 8, 2009

JiaogulanCapital.com, All About Jiaogulan

Age of the developed and developing countries with rapidly growing lacks pulses in various technological fields. Good education, mining, telecommunications. Included also in the health sector continues to grow. Ancient times when people seek treatment using equipment and tools of natural medicine improvise. Now turn to chemical drugs helped sophisticated equipment.

As the development of the growing period, the use of chemical drugs can not be avoided. But many modern people who believe in the efficacy of herbal medicines for healing and health than chemical drugs. Because the content in herbal medicines are natural. One of the herbal medicine is believed Jiaogulan.

What is Jiaogulan?

Quoted from Jiaogulan Herb, Jiaogulan is is a herbaceous vine in the cucumber and gourd family native to China, Korea, and Japan. Jiaogulan is used in traditional Chinese medicine as an herbal medicine, due to its powerful antioxidant and adaptogenic benefits.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Jiaogulan?

Jiaogulan is an adaptogen, which is an herb that boosts your body's resistance to stress, trauma, anxiety and fatigue. Because of it's adaptogenic properties, it is often considered similar to ginseng, and is sometimes called Southern ginseng, five-leaf ginseng, or poor man's ginseng.

Jiaogulan is also an antioxidant, meaning that it can help prevent free radical damage in your body, resulting in greater health and powerful anti-aging benefits.

Where Is Jiaogulan From?

Based on the information I can from Jiaogulan TCM, Jiaogulan can be grown as far north as USDA zone 8 where it will grow as a short-lived perennial. You can also grow it as an annual in most climates. Just make sure it has well-drained soil and full sun. Jiaogulan each plant is either as male or female, so if you want seeds, you have to have one plant of each gender. Jiaogulan is not toxic.

From the origins of all the advantages and benefits of this so Jiaogulan can not doubt the benefits to human health. If you want more information about Jiaogulan you can find on search engines or visit the site JiaogulanCapital.com now.

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