Apr 10, 2009

Hemorrhoids and The Right Way to Heal it

Hemorrhoids is a disease that occurs in the anus where the anus swollen lips sometimes accompanied by bleeding. Hemorrhoid disease is not only to give pain to the patients, but also provide a sense of shame because have a hemorrhoid disease. In the patients hemorrhoids are generally difficult to sit and defecate due to pain when the mouth or anus sphinchter get pressure.

In the sufferer severe hemorrhoids sometimes difficult to be treated so that action can be hemorrhoids lifting operation that can give side effects that sometimes is not good. Therefore hemorrhoids and by the need to carefully well treated so easily. Do not fribble hemorrhoids disease that you suffer because you can suffer a lifetime made by hemorrhoids by others that are not well up to the radical.

Kinds of Homoroid

Intenal hemorrhoids. On hemorrhoids there is a blood vessel in the anus that is covered by mucous wet. If you can not be seen protruding to the outside appears as hemorrhoids outside.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids like there is in the blood out of the anus at the chapter / defecate. If you have severe protruding out and can hold up of a tennis ball so that the operation should be taken action to remove hemorrhoids.

External hemorrhoids. Varises It is under the muscle that is generally associated with the skin. Usually hemorrhoids bulge is visible on the sidewalk kebiruan swollen anus that itch and pain.

The caused of hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids can be caused by the following below so diwaspadai and need to be avoided:
  1. Too many sit Chronic diarrhea
  2. Pregnancy pregnant women due to hormone changes
  3. The offspring of people with hemorrhoids
  4. Sex is not common
  5. Diseases that make people mengejan
  6. Constipation / chronic obsitpasi
  7. Emphasis vena return flow of blood, etc.
  8. Symptoms of hemorrhoids disease
Before we know it's worse as I have hemorrhoids disease early so that we can first obati as early as possible. Usually the patient will experience bleeding rectum with the color of young red blood will flow through the hole or rectum / anus. People also feel there wedge chapter on the anus, so when people defecate can hemorrhoids more severe. Besides usually anus fell tingle due to viruses and bacteria that make infection.

Overcome, treat & healing
You should run a few tips to heal hemorrhoids and consulting with your doctor:
1. Start the pattern of living healthy
2. Exercise regularly to sport
3. Eat fibrous food
4. Avoid too many sitting on the toilet
5. Do not smoking, drinking, drugs, etc.
6. Do not make sexual activity that is not reasonable
7. Drinking enough water
8. Do not hold urine and feces
9. Do not like to rub and scrape excessive rectal
11. If you do not want the pup / chapter should not be compelled
12. sit on a warm water

When the disease is very severe hemorrhoids, treatment should be. One of the hemorrhoids medicine that I recommend at http://www.hemorrhoidshemroids.com. In this website you can learn many things about hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids treatment and information. History, found the early hemorrhoids began, up to a real photo images of hemorrhoids. Also important things to note about hemorrhoids. Types and causes of hemorrhoids which more detail, the questions that are frequently asked questions about hemorrhoids so animals hemorrhoids.

There you can also get best hemorrhoids treatments reviewed easily affordable and appropriate. In addition you can get best hemorrhoids treatment with pills. so that you truly pampered and served step by step from the beginning until you actually recover from hemorrhoids. Then, let alone wait, let you handle hemorrhoids with quick steps right in the WEB. before all be late and fatal consequences.

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