Oct 6, 2009

Felt A New Sensation With AION Online

The world game world really is not dead, let alone games online. Various features, graphics and all perbaikian always updated to meet the market preference. Of course that game is not boring and more challenging players. One of the best online game from NCsoft is anticipated Aion Online has been launched.

Aion is a MMORPG game which tells the story of the heroic conflict between the two nations. At the beginning, gamers will choose to whom he will be loyal. Then the story went that the agreement made at the Tower of Eternity, generate a new races who swore to avenge the result of human greed that is always fighting.

It is said that ancient god Aion Atreia ruled the land, and he creates a very intelligent race like the angel named Balaur, but the command Balaur against all the gods and rebelled against its creator. Aion an angry god created 12 Empryan Lord to seal Balaur order not to attack mankind.

Here are divided into 4 Aion Classes with weaknesses and strengths are different. The Warrior, fearsome and hulking, a Warrior's Way is found more through brute force and great Resilience than guile and trickery. The Scouts are complex men and women that require a delicate touch and measured approach. The Mage, they are able to deal out terrifying, awe-inspiring levels of damage at range, while taking little in return.

Finally, the Priest is arguably the backbone of any successful group. Their ability to keep allies alive even in the direst of circumstances can not be underestimated, and Priests can be absolutely vital in ensuring groups survive against the most pressing challenges in Atreia.

Before you start playing, to master the game, or communicate with other players you can join the Aion forum that is available in its official website. Curious and want to feel how extraordinary sensation Aion online game real? Please download and play the game now.

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